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Happiness is a State of Being

Music: Robin Hood: Princes of Thieves, Soundtrack, composed by Michael Kamen. All Rights Reserved.


Happiness is what everyone is seeking and yet few understand that it is not something that can be found but already exists within us.  It is knowing how to tap into our natural state which is the key that unlocks pure bliss.  Happiness is not a temporary feeling stimulated by an event, a thing, or a person.  Tapping into our natural state fuels authentic spontaneous virtuous qualities of humility, compassion, empathy, and pure bliss.  It is tapping into the frequency where we can see God in everyone because we know we are all God’s radiant beams expressed in many varieties.  Happiness is the spontaneous natural state of radiating love which is contagious because it creates a harmonic resonance within all life. Happiness fuels love and connection of respect, regard, and reverence towards others at the universal heart center that exists in everyone.  This loving regard, reverence, and respect is not limited to the human animal, but all living beings, including our animal family.  And as stewards of them and our Mother we call earth, it is our responsibility to cultivate and protect their natural state of happiness.  Nothing is more rewarding than the natural spontaneous action from radiant joy which is the fuel of universal love.  Rising in the morning to witness the scene of Diva, our mare coming up on 25 years, dancing and rousing everyone to join in before breakfast is a joy beyond measure and a humbling honor to be a part of her.  It is a sacred moment to witness the Universal bliss of happiness radiating from her, affecting all around her.  

Happiness is a chosen state of being.  If we knew the back story behind most animals, we would not want to trade places with them nor would we be able to cope with the traumas and abuse they have suffered.  But animals who are not in a state of self-preservation all the time and are in the companionship of a loving soul, can overcome their past and choose happiness despite their past  We have experienced this with some animals we have rescued and they are the greatest teachers and examples of being able to heal by the loving stewardship and companionship of a human.

When we seek a deep relationship with our beloved animal family members, we must do everything to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs first and gain their trust by tapping into the frequency of the universal heart center. When we do these things, we create a vibrational environment, wherein happiness becomes the fuel for an animal to want to be with you and together in loving respect and trust,  embark on a beautiful journey of exploration in curiosity, creativity, compassion, and bliss.  Together, you become the dance of the Universe.

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