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What is Chevalia?

We are dedicated to helping you develop a deeper relationship with your animals through the Taoist philosophy of understanding the Art of Flow or living in harmony with Nature, and cultivate a heart coherence relationship by tapping into the primordial power or Source within and without. The Taoist philosophy regards the heart the way the western civilization regards the mind. Humanity is recognizing now more and more that it is in harmonizing with Nature and Her children, the animals, that there is a “better way”. This “way” is accessible but we must “unlearn” the broken way of force or dominance and dance into the Art of Flow, or attuning to the animal and learn their way which is the Way of the Tao or the Way of Nature. We will show you how the philosophy of Flow opens windows to a place where Force can never achieve. Through our programs you will witness experience for yourself a deep connection to your animals, their amazing sentience and intelligence, and how deeply interconnected we truly are.  This way is best captured by understanding and implementing the way of the Tao. We invite you to dive in to learn about our online classes, mentorship programs and more.

Heightens Empathy and Understanding

Exploring animal sentience fosters empathy and deepens understanding, enriching your relationship with animals and the natural world.

Nurtures Respect and Compassion

Acknowledging animal sentience nurtures respect, compassion, and ethical consideration for all sentient beings, fostering harmonious coexistence.

Enhances Conscious Awareness and Transformation

By engaging with animal sentience at the frequency of nature, you can cultivate a heightened sense of conscious awareness, inner growth, and transformation. This can have a positive impact on all of your relationships, fostering meaningful and fulfilling connections.

Cultivates a Holistic Connection

Embracing animal sentience cultivates a holistic connection with nature, fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness and belonging.

Chevalia is a 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization
Our mission is to impact the world through teaching the vital importance of cultivating reverence, respect and equality for our sentient animal family.  Their wisdom echos through the Universal language of the heart and shows us the way to a peaceful inner being and a thriving harmonious outer world.  We invite you to become an advocate for animals and stewards of the earth by learning the way of nature. 
We want to share with you that through the unlearning of all the misinformation you have been told, and coming to the present moment, can animals guide you to remember the way, the way of nature.  Only this way can we return home and live blissfully and naturally as we are truly designed.  Join us in creating a thriving and harmonious world for all beings. 

“Those who flow as life flows, knows they need no other force”

— Lao Tse

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