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Meet Giselle

The Matriarch of Chevalia, Giselle has dedicated her life to her children, which include her three beautiful daughters and her entire Chevalia family. As a former ballerina, and owner of a ballet company for many years, Giselle’s love for the art of dance, in its purity, creativity and elegance is synonymous with her way of living. She is a student of Nature, which is the sacred Divine manifested, and has come to know the wisdom of the Art of Flow through her horses, who have shown her “the way”, which she has found is tantamount to the Taoist philosophy of living effortlessly in authenticity, honor, respect, compassion and simplicity.

Giselle feels passionately for of a world that lives in harmony in Oneness, free from force or struggle, famine and abuse. And while she doesn’t try to change the world, she believes that to truly change the world is to start within, become the dream you want to see in the world. She and her daughters created Chevalia, a non-profit organization for those who are energetically drawn to validate their inner quest and support them by sharing the wisdom the animals have imparted for the past 28 years and help them in their inner work. In this way, she feels that the inner Divine light within all can be kindled and set ablaze to make the dream a reality.

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