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Centaur Training Online Course

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Become A Centaur Once you have a deep coherence of the Art of Flow, you are ready to take your relationship with your horse to the next level in applying this frequency in practical horsemanship training. Together you will transform your skills and relationship, becoming like a Centaur; one in trust, harmony, respect, balance, lightness, simplicity and rhythm. By your dedication to embodying the Art of Flow, free from force towards any horse, you will quickly see the wonderful breakthroughs that will occur when you release the ego. With continued practice, you will gain confidence with this technique which will prevent you from returning to the space of force which only causes frustration, guilt, misunderstanding and mistrust from your horse. The wisdom of the horse will begin to flower within you and you will progress further in your relationship than the path of force and ego can ever hope to achieve. You will be in awe and wonder of the real power of the Art of Flow as you are open to receive the horse’s wisdom teachings through the Centaur way of Oneness.

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