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The Art of Flow


Stage 1
Activate: Peaceful Presence

In this course you will learn how to release the ego and enter into the peaceful present state of flow. We will help open your awareness of the super-sensory subtle field/body. And through specific techniques, you can transcend from ego/identity and align with Source frequency to radiate your inner Divine and create a space of resonance that animals seek and feel safe. It is in this state of peace, and safety where trust, communication and healing begins to occur.

This first step of inner work cannot be bypassed or overlooked. If the ego is not surrendered, the animal will not connect, but will reflect your ego back to you. You will understand biofeedback through your animal’s behavior as to your authentic attunement to your inner Divine. Learning the power of surrendering one’s ego naturally and beautifully places you in an authentic state of peaceful presence that animals naturally seek. In a stress filled world we live in, our animals embody the stresses we bring into their environment and is the underlying cause for an animals emotional, physical and mental ailment. By taking responsibility for our energy, we can create an environment where your animal can transcend from a stressful state of survival to living blissfully where emotional, physical and mental health and vitality thrives. And from there, we can build a deeper relationship and environment of love, trust, respect and harmony! This is living in the Art of Flow!

Stage 2

Integrate: Shared Resonance

We will be utilizing the state of peaceful presence you learned in the first stage where we can now invite an animal to join us voluntarily to bathe in the resonance we are offering. As this technique applies to all animals, we honor and respect each animal with his/her own personality, preferences, and levels of trust, depending on their past and current environment. During the practice, we never force ourself into an animal’s personal space and will work at the pace of each animal’s readiness and acceptance.


We will be addressing areas in an animals life that this state of peaceful presence, or Art of Flow can help an animal with behavioral issues, anxiety, stress, fear, distrust, depression and more.

And while our course on Divinity Healing dives deeper into the areas of physical, emotional and psychological issues, the Art of Flow practice is holistic and can many times help with physical issues as well, because our physical, emotional and psychological states are all interwoven, and healing on all levels is the wondrous bi-product!

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Stage 3
Experience: Art of Flow

From your breakthrough experiences with your animal, we will share with you how to apply this to every day living. You will learn how to effortlessly flow through life in whatever creative endeavors you and your animal choose to do together by taking responsibility for your personal resonance and your environment. The bi-product of this transformation creates harmony and balance in your life and a beautiful environment for them as well as you. Learn how authenticity, integrity and responsibility not only creates a relationship in harmony and respect, but over flows into all relationships in your life!

We will be sharing experiences to help you understand the endless ways in which this practice can enhance both your lives so that you can feel confident to continue and explore the depth of these eternal gifts. We will continue to add videos to help you witness real experiences of our sessions with animals, that have not only created healing, but trust, respect and deep compassion, to inspire you into what at first, feels like a beautiful enlightening discipline, then practice, then a embodiment, as you experience for your self the gifts that come as you entangle with your beloved animal in the way of Chevalia. If you are a horse guardian, this will beautifully enrich and enhance any riding discipline as the horse knows “the way” over and above any trainer. Everything you do from this moment on will be filtered through the Art of Flow to honor your horse and enhance your riding skills and relationship simultaneously.


Once you have completed this course you can know explore the Centaur Training or dive deeper into the healing arts and enroll into our Divinity Healing course.

Once you have completed this course you can know explore the Centaur Training or dive deeper into the healing arts and enroll into our Divinity Healing course.

Questions before getting started?

Divinity Healing

Lotus in Bloom

Awaken the Healer Within

This course is for those who have applied what they have learned from the previous courses, embodied and demonstrated a dedication and practice of the Art of Flow, and feel the call to take the practice to experience a deeper level of healing resonance and manifestation for all their loved ones, environment, and yes, even situations in your life!


We will teach you how to activate and amplify your energy centers, nadis, or chakras, and create an energetic vortex for healing on a physical, emotional and psychological level. We will share with you how to channel healing in the following ways:

  • Self Healing

  • Healing for Animals

  • Healing for Family

  • Distant Healing

  • Group Healing

  • and More!

Powerful Divine Tools & Gifts

Throughout the curriculum, we will guide you how to open up your intuitive channels and be able to decipher the difference between intuition and guesswork. While everyone varies in their awareness of their natural supersensory gifts, we will help you to open up your innate gifts of the following:

  • Clairsentience

  • Clairaudience

  • Clairvoyance

  • Gestalt

  • Divine Wisdom

  • Suspend any judgement during this course as you dive deep into uncharted waters. Stay open to receive your innate gifts that open organically as you continue the practice!

  • Enhancements

  • We will also be covering various elements that are available to enhance our healing sessions:

  • Crystal pendulums to read energy

  • Soffegio frequency music

  • Essential Oils

  • Incense

  • Tonation

  • Visualization

  • Spirit guides, Ancestors, and Interdimensional beings

  • Animal Communication/Wisdom

  • Diet for channel purification

White lotus in a lake


Vital essentials will be covered in the areas of the following:

  • How to clear and cleanse after a session

  • The process of upheavels.

  • Helping one to transition to spirit

  • What to do when one does not want healing

  • The Healer moral code

  • Levels of frequency dimensions and the healing capacity at each level.

  • Inter-dimensional visitors in various dimensions and their purpose

  • How to shield and protect from negative entities

  • Inner road blocks and how to clear them.

  • When not to perform a healing.

Support and Guidance

We provide support and compassion for our Divinity Healing Students, so you will never feel alone or confused during this process. You can contact us directly through email, facebook or instagram. There you can share your experiences, ask questions for course clarification and continued expansion. The biggest road block is that which we create ourselves, so we have found it extremely beneficial to come together to strengthen one another and also reveal how unique and wonderful you are in your own healing talents and gifts! We will teach that while you may find some aspects of the practice flowing beautifully, while at times, feeling blocked. We'd love to discuss specific issues or questions you may have, as there are no two beings alike!

Questions before getting started?

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