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Animal Sentience Education


Awareness & Awakening

Each lesson unveils the truth of the sentience of animals and the sacred virtues they embody. We will share with you these virtues and our personal journey that ignited our awakening as to the interconnectedness of all life and the wisdom that comes by living in harmony, cooperation and in the Art of Flow, free from force and struggle. And if you are ready, these experiences will awaken that which lies dormant inside you and kindles you to start your own journey in the Art of Flow!

Interconnecting Wisdom

As we shine the light on our interconnectedness of all life, we will also reveal the Source wisdom that exists not only in animals, but in water! Water is not only sentient. Water is not just a source. Water IS the manifestation of Source Divine. Understanding Her expands our awareness to the reality of the role She plays in our interconnectedness. This fascinating discovery once realized is transformational in the way we think, feel, and respond to not only Her, but to all of Nature, all life and the vital role we play as stewards! When we support all life in Nature, Nature in turn supports us!

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Endless Access

Each video is overflowing with enlightening insight that will awaken deeper levels of coherence each time you rewatch the videos. This free course is a requisite to our other courses, as it prepares you for the Art of Flow course, to help you understand how you can deepen your relationship and connection to your animals and help them overcome emotional and behavioral issues. We will share with you specific techniques that will help connect both of you at the Divine frequency where issues can be cleared and a mutual trust and respect can be built; the foundation for an enriching relationship in cooperation, confidence, harmony and love.

Once you have completed this course you can now dive into the Art of Flow and even deeper your experience with Divinity Healing

Questions before getting started?

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